Sustainable Aqua-Step® SPC products

SPC is the abbreviation of Stone Polymer Composite and stands for a new generation of modern and sustainable products produced circularly on Belgian soil.

SPC properties

  • Due to the unique properties of SPC, it can be used for many applications, both indoors and outdoors: floors, bathrooms, wall and ceiling finishes, but also facade cladding.
  • The material is completely water and weather resistant, fire resistant, has good dimensional stability, hardly gives any deformation and has a low coefficient of expansion.

The product consists of approx. 70% limestone, approx. 20% PVC, approx. 8% recycled material and the rest is additives. These sheets are manufactured with an extrusion process. The raw materials are heated to approximately 200 – 220 degrees and pressed into a stable board using a mold. At the same time, one or two special foils are fused onto the plate.

SPC grondstoffen calcium

The foil determines the area of application of the panel. For example, there are surfaces that are used for floors, where wear resistance and scratch resistance are particularly important. For facade cladding, UV resistance is the most important.

Vinyl surfaces are used for interior applications. These films are available in countless decors and designs, from wood look with tangible wood grain or “embossed in register” to concrete and realistic stone structure surfaces.

The SolidPaint® surface is available for both interior and exterior applications, an EBC (Electron Beam Cured) hardened layer. This is available in versions from super matt to high gloss, in wood or stone look, but also in RAL colours. The weather-resistant version of SolidPaint® for use on facade cladding has excellent UV resistance, both in terms of color and gloss.

Using the latest milling techniques, the boards are not only available in many different sizes, but also with different installation systems for floor, wall, ceiling and facade.